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Robert - The Maker - From engineering fieldwork to sales and business development, he lives and breathes concrete. In December 2020, when the whole world shut down due to the unspoken "C" word, he decided to get a hobby and started to experiment with concrete in the basement of our 80 year old home. After some trial and error, our first concrete stand was made to hold our beloved ZZ plant. Sure enough, you all loved it as much as we did and thus Cedar & Cement (formerly known as Prairie Stone Co) was born.

Fred - Goodest Boy + Quality Assurance Specialist - Ensures each product is sealed with a kiss before it leaves the house. Loves everyone and everything, especially if it gives him a belly rub. Helping with deliveries is his favourite because that means one thing - CAR RIDE!

Ashley - Social Media Manager, Photographer, and Everything in Between - Also a registered nurse. Probably answered your emails/DM's (apologies to those who received emails at 3 am during the night shift). Ensures the other two stay on track.

Each Cedar & Cement product is handmade with love by us three!

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